"Supporting Churches and their Kitchen Ministry"
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Seminar Outline

Seminar Outline

Welcome Participants - David McEntire

Inspirational Video - Behind the scenes interview with Brad Bird and Critically Acclaimed Chef Thomas Keller.

Establishing team names and personal nick names.

Team challenge - Developing menu from what was available.

"Hands on training" meats - prepare, discuss, and taste these products and their many uses.

Slides on catering followed by discussion on "Catering Splash for Low Cash"

Mary Ann's Instructions - "How to build a Fruit Tree"

Wednesday Night Dinners - "How music, themes, and decorations add life to the party!" Also, "Goal is to be welcoming, warm, and friendly."

Keys to Wednesday Night Success

 Be something that screams “Welcome”,
is family
serves food adaptable to all age groups,
entertains without an agenda!

Our Design is similar to a noisy, packed, New York Style Deli, with kids that won’t stay quiet for announcements!!!
Our Music – Mostly, big band and Beatles thru the 80’s.  The closest thing to church music we play is Gospel Elvis.

Kids Meals

"Hands on training" - salads & deserts.

"Nothing goes to waste"

Bread Pudding, "Real" Mashed Potatoes & Carrot Souffle.

Keys to Foodservice Budgetary Success.

Campus Maintenance Program & Tour - Darrly O'Gorman

Grow your program by quality and consistency. Reputation is best advertisement.

Discussion on State Health Department Certification 

Final Discussion - "It just takes that Extra Touch" / "The Legacy of your Efforts"



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