"Supporting Churches and their Kitchen Ministry"
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Thank you for attending

Kitchens Operations Seminar!

Held: First United Methodist Church, Lakeland
Number of participants: 52
Number of additional kitchen personnel expressing interest but unable to attend: 26  

 Dear seminar attendees,

I would like to personally thank each of you for giving up your valuable Saturday and attending our first ever "Kitchens Operations Seminar". Your enthusiastic participation, great team names, and funny nick names are a testimony of your readiness to share, learn, and fellowship. For those who "cut meat", broke bread, tossed salad, helped clean up and do whatever we asked, your willingness to "dive in" with no reservations was exactly what the seminar needed. Kitchen people know how to "roll their sleeves up" and get involved.

For those who drove great distances (as far away as the Miami and Jacksonville areas), thank you for making the commitment even though it meant long hours commuting. I felt your comments before returning home meant the trip was worth it.

A big "thanks" goes out to the FUMC staff members who helped put on the seminar. Mary Ann Schwitters & Nancy McEntire (Lucy & Ethel), Darryl "No Problem" O'Gorman, Molly "Can I help" McEntire, and Dennis "Wheres Lunch?" Mohler. A special thanks goes to David McEntire for inspiration and his backing on this seminar.

As discussed at the seminar, we will commit to establishing a web page for the purpose of sharing ideas, recipes, equipment needs, pictures, etc... so we as a group can work together, not as strangers, but as team members focusing on specific goals. Expect this initial web site to "bland". My goal is to get something up and running immediately following the seminar and then "fine tune" it as we progress. Remember, your input is critical for this web site to showcase what kitchens across the state are doing, so please keep pictures, emails, suggestions, recipes, etc... coming. 

We will also be developing a program called "Kitchen Assistant", geared for churches who need assistance with their current Kitchen Ministry. This program will be tailored to the specific needs of your kitchen, which may include everything from kitchen analysis and program development thru menu design and implementation. The goal is to "fill in the gaps" so your Kitchen Ministry is everything you want it to be.

Again, thank you for your participation. Please review the following seminar outline and email me any additions or changes. I didn't take notes (like you did), so I'm just following my outline knowing some mistakes will be  made. Check out the pictures on the following pages. I will number the pictures but leave the captions blank. I would like your input on the captions so email me back with the picture number followed by the caption you want inserted. If you want a copy of the picture, email me and I will send you one.

What a fantastic start! Looking towards the future,

Michael Stasiak

FUMC Lakeland


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